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    Information on Wayne County's 2014 Reappraisal

    The County Auditor is required by Ohio law to reappraise real property at its estimated fair market value once every six years. The tentative 2014 market and taxable values are searchable on this website. To begin the search for Your Value, click on the Searches link above, or simply use the QuickSearch feature at the top of the page.

    Property Tax Definitions (Click to download)

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    If you own farmland that is being valued for taxation under the Current Agricultural Use Value program, (CAUV), the value of your soil types has also been adjusted. A county auditor does not set CAUV values, these values are calculated annually by The Ohio Department of Taxation. CAUV is updated in each county at the same time as the reappraisal takes place. You can find more information about the CAUV program on the Department of Taxation's website

    Farm and Dairy has recently published articles on CAUV. You can find these articles here and here.

    Why Did My CAUV Values Increase So Much? (Click to download)

    2014 CAUV Soil Values (Click to download)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my property being reappraised? Ohio law requires the County Auditor to reappraise all real property every six years. This law is found in section 5715.33 of the Ohio Revised Code. The goal of a reappraisal is to equalize the value of each parcel. This process ensures that your property is comparable in value to other similar properties that were recent fair-market sales.

    What is Market Value? Market value is defined as the most probable price a property should bring in a competitive and open market. Ohio’s Constitution, statutory law and court decisions have determined this is the measure the County should use when valuing property. Real Estate taxes are assessed on 35% of a property’s market value.

    If my property value increases or decreases due to reappraisal, will my property taxes increase/decrease by the same amount? No. House Bill 920, passed in 1979, provides for an adjustment factor which is applied to tax rates to accommodate for changes due to reappraisals. As your property value changes, voted levies are adjusted to ensure an entity will not collect more money than when the original levy was passed. However the first ten mills, known as inside millage, is not voted but assessed by the Ohio Constitution. Inside mills will increase or decrease your taxes as your value changes.

    I don’t intend on selling my property. Why do sales in my neighborhood impact my value? As County Auditor I am mandated to appraise all properties at market value. The best estimate of your market value is based on recent sales of similar properties.

    Can I appeal the appraised value that has been placed on my property? If you meet with a commercial appraiser, at an informal hearing, and are still not satisfied with the value placed on your property, you may file an appeal with the Wayne County Board of Revision. By Ohio Law this board is comprised of the County Auditor, the County Treasurer and the President of the Board of County Commissioners. Appeal forms are available in our office and on our web site. Forms can be filed between January 1st and March 31st, 2015.

    What Tax Relief is Available? 10% Rollback, for residential and agricultural property owners, 2.5% Owner-Occupancy Tax Reduction, for dwellings in which the taxpayer resides, Disabled Veterans Exemption, for veterans with 100% service-connected disabilities and Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) for qualifying properties used exclusively for commercial agriculture. Except for the 10% rollback, applications must be filed with our office for the tax relief listed above.

    To begin using the system, click on the Searches link above, or simply use the QuickSearch feature at the top of the page. First time users can access the Online Auditor Help at any time by clicking the Help link above. Before using AccuGlobe Internet Edition, please review our browser compatibility information in the help pages.

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